Buttguy Rekkids is going to be a D.I.Y. independent record label, booking, promotion, and distribution agency based out of Philadelphia. We will be seeking out local unknown artists to release and promote their music. We will press 7 inch records, 12 inch records, cassette tapes, cdʼs, as well as release digital albums via Bandcamp. We follow a D.I.Y. ethic. We are what we are and we are not going to pretend that we are Sony or Warner Music. We come out of pocket to put out great music by bands that we think are great people. We do it for bands like this that may not have been able to do it otherwise. The types of bands that we support are the ones that spend money to travel the country playing wherever they can for small amounts of gas money, often sleeping in their van or on strangers floors and barely eating the whole trip. The types of bands that will help other bands doing the same thing when in their hometown. This is what the D.I.Y. ethic is all about. These are the kinds of things that we want to be involved in.

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